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Hi! I'm Jonathan Harrison! Right Time Right Talk (RTRT for short) is a ministry I created to help you...


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The RTRT Blog with an ever expanding library of stories, statistics and helpful information for parents with children of all ages, future parents, caregivers, youth workers in any setting and church, community and organization leaders everywhere.

A list of Resources that will provide great tools to aid parents, caregivers, youth workers and leaders in their efforts to educate their children more effectively. I am confident that these resources can not only help you keep the hearts and minds of your children pure, but also give you guidance in helping pick them up when they fall.
A Speaking page where you can learn about different talks and seminars that I can do for your group, organization, church, etc.



Blog Posts


My Boys and I Looked at Porn on My Phone: It's Not What You Think

Jonathan Harrison
Categories: Pornography

...I was horrified to see either a mostly or fully nude woman laying on a bed. I immediately flipped the phone over and closed the screen. Even though we only saw it for a second or less that was long enough for the image to enter our minds.

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A Big Reason Parents Aren’t Talking with Their Kids About Sex

Jonathan Harrison

“I just don’t know where to start. My parents never talked to me about any of this stuff.” “What if I say too much and put ideas in their head?” “I’m afraid they’ll start asking me about my sexual experiences and if I've ever made any mistakes in that area.” All of these statements have a common denominator.

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